MEN - S/S 2018

Return to Stone Garden

Stone Garden, a fictitious place set in Northern California, was a refuge from the turbulent time of the late 1960’s. This space was idealized through a series of paintings by David Hockney during his visits to California. The juxtaposition between Hockney’s style set against the war protest and counter-culture influence was the underlining inspiration for the S/S 2018 Maiden Noir collection titled ‘RETURN TO STONE GARDEN’. The collection is a cross-section of Hockney's personal color palette and relaxed sensibility as an artist. He epitomizes this hedonistic West coast lifestyle within his work using vivid colors and often painting in rigid or soft gestures in his outdoor spaces. The colors are vibrant and there is a loose sensibility to his approach. The collection captures this through oversized proportions accented with pop colors while grounded in washed out muted military under tones referencing the Vietnam war protest movement happening simultaneously just beyond the garden walls.