Foraging Ahead - Farm, Food and US

Foraging Ahead - Farm, Food and US

Foraging Ahead - Farm, Food and US


We know it's barely Spring & we're already talking Fall 20. In this current climate we felt that it would be important to highlight a project we have scheduled for September, marking the start of the mushroom foraging season. Our upcoming A/W 20 collection entitled ‘Under the Mycoflora Sun’, explores the untapped source of the natural healing mushroom world and it's uses within the Meso-American culture. 

We will be collaborating with Sno-Valley Mushroom Farm as a part of the 'Under the Mycoflora Sun' collection. This project not only brings light to the healing mushroom world, but also supports the efforts of mushroom cultivation in the local food supply chain. Farms are now facing challenges as well as many other small businesses.

Currently our food supply chain is being challenged due to public health concerns caused by COVID19. The farmer's markets have been forced to close leaving farmers with less people to serve & mouths to feed. In our greater Seattle-King County area alone we have over 40 open-air markets that support over 1000 vendors and 240 farms that feed over 60,000 families of all income brackets, in addition to the 100k lbs of food donated to local food banks. Washington state is the 3rd largest food and agricultural exporter in the United States providing over 300 commodities to the global supply chain. We hope you see the bigger picture to supporting a healthy food economy. Please consider supporting now. 

Due to the current situation of our local food economy, we are forging ahead with an early release of our collaboration with the Sno-Valley Mushroom Farm. 

We are asking you to help Pay it Forward with your purchase of a Sno-Valley Mushroom L/S Tee or Market tote. The funds will go to support the displacement of our city's food producers & food resources. Profits from this purchase will go directly to Sno-Valley Mushroom Farm as well as the Farm Relief Fund & Good Farmers Fund that support our cities open air market vendors and bring our states farms to the densest city in the NW. 

Pre-Order now through April 17th .
(*All orders will ship out in 6 weeks.)

*Ship dates are subject to change due to manufacturing delays. You will be notified if there are any changes regarding ship dates. Thank you for your patience and understanding!