We can be the Change - Black Lives Matter

We can be the Change - Black Lives Matter

We can be the Change - Black Lives Matter

Pay It Forward - Give Back to Your Local Community:
  1. Make a purchase from a local Black owned business of your choice from our List between today June 17th to Tuesday June 30th and save your receipts (digital or physical)
  2. Email us your receipts at info@maidennoir.com to receive your discount code good for up to 50% off Maiden Noir brand clothing and accessories at maidennoir.com
  3. Receipts can be combined. For example: spend $100 over the course of a few days, submit receipts, receive $100 off your entire purchase at maidennoir.com
  4. Receipts must be submitted to info@maidennoir.com by Tuesday June 30th. Discount codes must be redeemed at maidennoir.com by Monday July 6th.


Purchase any full price Maiden Noir clothing or accessory items between today June 17th and Monday July 6th and we will donate 50% of the proceeds directly to the ACLU chapter in your home state, the state we will ship your order to. 

Our List Below Includes Black owned Bookstores, Restaurants & Services Across the US & Internationally. Please patronize these businesses not only today, but work them into your lifestyle. 
The past few weeks have exposed a public health crisis that has been ignored and left untreated. Racism, economic disparity, the brutal treatment and the killing of our Black community need to end.
As a small independent POC owned business, we have chosen to listen and stand in solidarity with our colleagues, friends and neighbors in the Black community. Our time has been focused on engaging and teaching our families and youth about peaceful ways of protest within our community of Seattle.

Right now is about our future & we need you to be involved in your community on the streets to push for change.
  • Having conversations with your family, friends and neighbors.
  • Educating yourself and research policies.
  • Registering to vote and signing petitions.
  • Planning and organizing within your community. 
  • Emailing and calling local government officials.
  • Protesting in the streets.
  • Donating what you can with your time or with your pocket.
Maiden Noir was built from the ground up from an idea, to a sketch, to a garment, to a collection, and continues to employ and support a diverse roster of creatives from all backgrounds. If it was not for the support of our community and our team we would not be here today standing along side you 15 years later. We know what community support feels like, so we ask you to Pay It Forward to your local community and support them now.

From now until June 30th, in consideration of Juneteenth we encourage you to purchase from Black owned businesses. With your contribution toward your local economy, we will help Pay It Forward and discount any item on our website for the amount you have spent up to 50%. We believe you will make the best decisions and support the community leaders to lift each other up. (*details and directions are below to redeem your code)

If you cannot find a service business to support from this LIST, we will donate 50% of the online sales from non-sale apparel and accessories now through June 30th to the ACLU in your city. 

Black Lives Matter, this cause is not a charity, this is today's reality. This is a movement and we look forward to you moving your communities forward with us.
- Nin & Christa