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"Formed in 1971, Nass El Ghiwane's five members first performed in the avant-garde of Morocco's underground theater scene. Following their debut performance as a band in Rabat at Tayeb Seddiki's Mohammed V Theatre, their songs became the 1970s anthems of Moroccan youth -- nationalist, rebellious, experimental, and bygone all at once. They are Morocco's most enduring musical legacy. They modernized the way music was transmitted to the disenchanted and rebellious youth of their country. Their concerts would turn into riots as their music and lyrics incited deep affection from their virulent fan base. Their music echoes medieval Moroccan oral traditions; coming from the Gnawa trance music of their ancestors, they sang tales of Sufi mystics and wrote lyrics that criticized the conservative monarchy of Mohammed V. They were the first to introduce the banjo, guembri, and colloquial Moroccan Arabic in their version of the shaabi genre. Nass El Ghiwane were a huge influence on Algeria's modern Raï movement, as Cheb Khaled started his career covering Nass El Ghiwane's songs. This is exemplary trance music and the foundation of the modern era in Moroccan music. Martin Scorsese has called them ""The Rolling Stones of Morocco."" It could be argued that Scorese's claim would be more accurate if the Stones were fronted by Bob Dylan. This is the first ever vinyl reissue of their third album from 1976, one of the most desired LPs in their legendary discography. Fully remastered sound. "

  • Limited edition of 500 copies.
  • Vinyl Record.