Maiden Noir - Eau De Parfum

Maiden Noir - Eau De Parfum

Maiden Noir - Eau De Parfum

As 2021 marks our 15th year anniversary as a contemporary apparel brand based in Seattle's Japantown and in celebration of our 30th collection made for Men & Women with universal fits for All, we wanted to take you on a journey with us as we are all less traveled and further apart. 

For the last three years pre-pandemic, we have been developing an organic Eau De Parfum that expresses our journeys living and working in between Seattle and Tokyo. Without our experiences and memories in between these two regions our sense of place could not have inspired all that is done to develop each collection bi-annually.

We are truly excited to share this beautiful fragrance - mysterious and delicate, the Eau De Parfum captures our memories through subtle notes from the time spent in both regions. The smoky vinyl loving back alley whisky bars to cherry blossom lined streets of Tokyo to onsen wooded mountain escapes, juxtapose vanilla scented velvet upholstered automobiles driving through forest fresh pine scented outskirts to downtowns fragrant of jasmine tea shops and vanilla fortune cookie factory sweetness of Seattle.

Shop our Life section here to find the Maiden Noir EDP now available online and in-store. 

The Maiden Noir EDP introduces smoky woods, fresh green and lavender herbs then draws in multi-layered clouds of black vanilla tea and currants for any time of day. This layered unique scent from its top notes of fruit/green, to middle notes of woody/floral to base notes of ambers/smoke will transcend us back to a time when we were all vibing to downtown sounds and late night drives into a crisp pine infused dawn. Maiden Noir’s Eau De Parfum is a dark sultry reflection, encompassing who we are and who we have become in the last 15 years of the brand. Let us transcend you through times past to uplift and awaken you senses toward new paths. 

For a limited time from now through June 20th, a free Maiden Noir EDP sample will be included with your mainline purchase over $200. Be sure to type in code: FRAGRANCE21 at checkout.  

The Maiden Noir showroom/shop at DaDaDa in Japantown Seattle
DaDaDa Gallery -  513 S. Main St. Seattle, WA 98104

Now Available in following sizes:

EDP Bottle Spray - 50ml

EDP Travel Roll-on Perfume Oil - 10ml

EDP 3-Pack Miniature Travel Spray - 6ml

EDP Single Miniature Travel Spray - 2ml

EDP Travel Roll-on Perfume Oil / Gift Kit - 10ml

EDP Single Miniature Travel Spray/ Gift Kit - 2ml

*there are some restrictions on International shipments on the EDP if you live outside of North America, please review the items available to ship by checking out the shipment details per item.